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AAF-KC Silver Addy for McClarke + BoysGrow

McClarke + BoysGrow = Winning (duh!)

McClarke worked with BoysGrow on their salsa launch in 2011. The Boys are pretty proud of their Salsa. As are we. It’s delicious, you should get some … I bought some for you, but then I ate it all The label/product design won a local Silver Addy from AAF-KC on February 18, 2012. Next up …

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McClarke + CrashGirl

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa (AKA Evolution), Jason and Grant of Crash Girl Derby. I created this logo for them and was part of the initial branding team for this radical roller derby business. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. You can check them out on the …

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